To give you a little context…

You may be wondering what this blog is about and who I am.  Well, let me give you a little background…

I’m an organic chemist by training and came to the US almost 10 years ago to work in the pharmaceutical industry as both a process chemist and a medicinal chemist.  It was a great experience, but I made the decision to return to school to pursue a business education.  I graduated from the Tuck School of Business this past spring and accepted a job in San Francisco.  After driving 3600 miles over 8 days, I have finally landed in the Bay Area.

I started this blog to share my personal observations about the biopharmaceutical industry from both the perspective of a scientist and someone on the commercial side of the industry.  I have a particular interest in biotech entrepreneurship and the creation of new drugs through the commercialization of scientific discoveries, hence the title of this blog and its focus.

The one thing I love about this industry is that it is always in flux, now more than ever.  The challenge of not only developing new drugs, but delivering them in a price and safety concious environment is putting huge pressure on the industry.  If the last 10 years are any indication, in 5 years, the biopharmaceutical industry will look nothing like it does today and I’m excited to be a part of its evolution.  I hope that you’ll find my observations and analyses insightful and that after visiting this blog, you’ll come away feeling a little smarter…

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