More Lipitor news: Ahhh… that’s why independent pharmacists are mad!

Yet another updated on the Lipitor-is-going-generic saga.  Rather than reiterating what I said in prior blog posts, I’ll just add some interesting tidbits of information.

Over at the drug distribution blog DrugChannels (highly recommended), Adam Fein posted some very interesting commentary on the Lipitor story.  When the news about Pfizer’s agreements with major PBMs to get preferential treatment for Lipitor, even after the generics became available (in some cases the PBM wouldn’t reimburse for the generic at all), a group called Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT) had this to say:

The statement called the move “a blatant attempt” by benefit managers to keep Pfizer’s discount while employers still have to pay the full price of the brand-name drug.

Hmmm…. that’s awfully heartwarming that a group of pharmacists decided to look out for employers who offer drug coverage.  However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see there is a “healthy dose of economic self-interest” in play here, as outlined in Adam Fein’s blog.  What is of particular interest is this chart Adam put together…

Now things become a little clearer!  PUTT says they are outraged that employers will be stuck paying higher drug prices if Lipitor is used instead of the generic (which, by the way, they have no proof of), but I would hazard to guess that some of their anger comes from the fact that they are missing out on those juicy margins they usually make during the 180-day exclusivity period.

If you want to see how contentious this issue of pharmacy margins can be, check out the comment section of a another blog post by Adam here.  Who knew drug distribution strategy could elicit such emotion?